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No more paper forms, no more spreadsheets. Hyperion automatically calculates the numbers you need to report to HUD.

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What comes with Hyperion?

Built For The Homeless Count

Each account comes pre-loaded with the questions you need for HUD (but you can add your own questions too)

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Instant Reports

Download and share a PDF report showing the state of homelessness in your community.

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Assisted De-Duplication

Review likely duplicates and easily mark records as duplicates or invalid, all within the app.

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Hyperion Point in Time Count

Supercharge your outreach efforts

Each survey submission captures the volunteer’s location, so administrators can see where surveys are being filled out in real-time (and after the count).

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Hyperion Point in Time Count

Know your HUD numbers the day of the Count

We calculate everything you need for HUD automatically, so you don’t have to spend days entering data or aggregating results.

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Happy CoCs

I had a lot of anxiety about rolling out this new system, but Zak was always quick to respond to my questions and help me make any needed changes. Overall, the digital survey system was intuitive enough for our volunteers to figure out even if they skipped our training.

Axton Nichols

Austin ECHO

Hyperion greatly simplified our PIT count this year, allowing us to easily train and keep track of more volunteers and surveys than in previous years. It has streamlined our data cleanup and reporting. We had a great experience with this product and look forward to using it again!

Jordan Schillings

United Way of Suwannee Valley

Zak is a hands on trainer - his system produces opportunities for successes that all CoC’s should experience!

Michael Overway

Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County

[Using Hyperion] was a great experience and allowed our community to obtain a real-time snapshot of homelessness. Community stakeholders were able to visit command central and view the survey map and quantity of surveys collected at any time throughout the day of Point-in-Time.

Martika Baker

Opening Doors Northwest Florida

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